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We are proud to be a UBC affiliated teaching clinic and often a resident will be a part of your health care team.


We wish to reassure patients that our physicians and dedicated staff are doing everything possible to keep our patients and families healthy during this unprecedented global pandemic.

About Our Clinic

We are a family, maternity and primary care dermatology practice.  We are proud to be a UBC affiliated teaching clinic and often a resident will be a part of your  health care team. 



Only referred maternity and referred dermatology patients.  At this time all physicians general practices are full and we do not have a waiting list.

Please call your pharmacy and ask them to fax us a refill request.  If your physician needs to speak with you we will contact you.  Otherwise the prescription will be faxed back to your pharmacy in 24-48hrs.

We ask that you please call the office to book an appointment. Our email address is to send in photographs or forms if needed or requested by your doctor, it is not constantly monitored and is not used for appointment bookings.

Montebello Medical Clinic

Office Hours

Monday – Friday

8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

 (closed all statutory holidays)

Our Doctors

We have a dedicated team of four MOA’s always working hard upfront with patient care and often in the back behind the scenes. 

Areas of Practice

We are a family practice medical clinic in the heart of downtown Salmon Arm. Our Family Physician practices include a combination of office visits and telehealth appointments. All Physicians have hospital admitting privileges to ensure full care to you and your family. Caring for our patients is what we do best.”

Once we have received a referral from your family doctor you will be called for a “First Prenatal” visit. You will be seen at the Montebello Medical clinic up until six weeks postpartum with your newborn when you are then referred back to your family physician.  If you do not have a local GP please contact the office and will arrange an appointment.

A referral is required from your family doctor in order to have a booked appointment with Dr. Grieve for Primary Care Dermatology.  Dr. Grieve triage’s all her own referral letters.  

Montebello Medical Clinic

Call to Book an Appointment

We ask that you please call the office at 250-833-4677 to book an appointment. 

Online booking coming back soon.